Sunday, October 13, 2013

HORMEL REV wraps Review

REV Wrap Varieties 

Pepperoni Pizza 

Ham and Cheese  

Peppered Turkey

Meat Lovers Pizza

Italian Style Ham

Hot Pepper Ham

Italian Style

Spicy Italian

I only got to try the Pepperoni Pizza, the others disappeared from my refrigerator before I could have another . You can eat them straight from the fridge or microwave them in the package (just remove the cover) for 15 seconds and they're done. They are already wrapped my son has half off the football team come and they love this snacks so much they love it and i also love that  each REV Wrap has at least 15g of protein and are made with REAL meats & cheese!

Also i got my first 4 half off with coupons from
i would have never try this HORMEL® REV® wraps if it was not for them thanks Bzz Agent  we are in love         

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