Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dorco Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women review

LSXA1000: Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women

I've tried this razor on my underarms & legs. Honestly,  This Razor is amazing it really glide well, & I only have to use one stroke to get rid of the hair, rather than two  or three times with the previous razor. This razor seems like a treat - I haven't been able to find 6 blade razors ANYWHERE since CVS stopped making the cvs brand ones. I was a little skeptical of these because the price was so low but they are AWESOME. My only complaint is that the the 6 blades are separated in the middle. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it really doesn't make a huge difference. Anyway, great deal and awesome razors. 

ok you guys if you want to buy this Razor  or any Razor !  the company gave me and  awesome code if you want to buy one.... 

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Coupon Code: KQZOD3N997

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Friday, April 11, 2014

★ FABKIDS Review all there clothe are amazing ★

They don't sell this one no more this one was my daugther favotite dress and still is 

omg this Sparkle Sports dress
 we got it last week in love my daugther is very picky on clothe and trust me this one is super soft i have the link down below and the BRIGHT STRIPED LEGGING 
are super cute 


ok when he saw this dress it was love at first sight lol she has wear this dress 4 times and i wash it 4 times and i just let it air dry still new love this dress so much and super soft your daughter will love this dress 

This clothe was last year she love's all this even that pink dress 
i found one picture with one outfit lol she was playing with my makeup lol

this are her new outfit's 

new i love it how you can mix and match love that! that is why i love fabkids 

This outfit they don't have anymore she love this dress so much when we got it last year we gave it to my niece it was to small after 16 times lol i love Fabkids they have so much new clothe i have 2 more outfits to review one on the way and one i am going to but the picture up 2morow if you want to sign up i will post the link down below if you are new u can't sign up with my link and get 50% off your first outfit

if you guys have any question write me :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tone Review

This is the Free Tone ( Petal soft ) product i got from Bzzagent to review i fell is love with it so i had to go buy it's friends only found this one's must buy !!!!

Daily Detox / Moisturizing / Ocean therapy / Petal Soft

All I can say is this product was a big surprise to use. It does have a strong fragrance and I Love fragrance smell ,but other than that I found the product up to my standards.
It gives a nice creamy lather that rinses clean and doesn't leave you dry.
After my first use I did notice a clean and fresh feeling not that heavy weighed down feeling on my skin. I've found that some body wash"s tend to leave a film feeling. Not this product. I would recommend the product for people who want the moisture without the heavy weighed down feeling. A great buy for me but i am still is mission to look for other's i have only found 3 and not even the one i got ahh! 

go check out https://www.bzzagent.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/toneskincare

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Schick Hydro 5 Razor Sensitive Review

Generally I am super sensitive to shaving and have always been a Gillette guy. I usually get razor burn no matter what I do. I have tried the oils, the special creams, the gels, you name it. I was pretty satisfied with my Mach 3. Well this razor (Schick Hydro 5) is much better than anything I have ever used before. It puts my trusty Mach 3 to shame. I bought the Fusion and hated it. Now the the Hydro 5 is the king of razors in my opinion. The best parts are, the blades last longer and cost much less. I thought most razors these days were gimmicks. Well the Hydro 5 really made me a believer and now will only shave with this. Good-bye Gillette hello Schick. thanks Crowdtap and Schick

Thursday, April 3, 2014

GlossyBox USA March 2014

Alex And Ani Scent 7 Body Mist 
Full Size $18.00 3.4oz

Alex and Ani
Charm Bangle,

Alterna haircare Bamboo Volume plumping Strand Expand
Full size $22.00

Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel
Full size $17.80

Nails Inc Brook Street Nail Polish
Full size $9.50

Sisley paris Black Rose Cream Mask
Full size $158.00 2.1 oz