Friday, March 14, 2014

GoGo squeeZ review

My  Daughter and my niece and nephew loves these pouches, and you sure can't beat the price. All natural, I don't mind them enjoying them often. Super easy to toss in a bag or purse for a handy snack at the ready. We love these, thought we'd give the mango flavor a try (we've had regular, banana, and strawberry so far) and it didn't fail to please. Love the new "helicopter" lids, my 4 year old can open them herself now. I even snack on these frequently. so super delicious !

The GoGo squeeZ love these. We take them everywhere. I grab one and throw it in my purse when we are out and about for a neat, clean snack for the kiddos. we went to disneyland and this little  GoGo squeeZ where gone in 6 min yes all 4 and yes i had to go buy more so so super delicious i even love them to snack on

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