Friday, May 16, 2014

BirchBox May 2014 ( FreeWheeling )


Harney & Sons Wrapped Tea Sachets

Full size $9.60


Pixi Beauty


♥♥Birchbox - ($10 )

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  1. I just acheived 'VIP' status in their ACES program, and received a cute cosmetic bag...I just found out about the program last month (after at least a year being a subscriber!)...anyway, I love the feel of that lip balm! (I'm not sure that Coral is my color, but it is so light, it might not matter)...I would have loved to have that Nexus set instead of my SuperGoop Sunscreen. And I would have loved the Marcelle Serum and the teas instead of the Caudalie Night Detox Oil and the Gummie Vitamins :(