Thursday, July 12, 2012

" Dino Lingo"

Dino Lingo

Update 11/29/2012

loved this video! I asked my daughter what she
liked the most she was like "the animals
 mommy !!!" I think they've done a great job
 with mixing education with the things
 children gravitate towards like bright colors, the music, i really like Dino !!

offical site Dingo lingo website

My Review

So i got this product and at first i was like i hope she likes it. When i put it on my Daughter love it ! it help her learn Spanish quick and she's only 3 years old amazing! she Love's the dinosaurs! very cute video  we watch it everyday it longest she's happy and learning to! thanks Influenster and Dino Lingo! i will buy this product trust me your child will learn how to speak Spanish very fast .
received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster

My Daughter and My Niece Learning Spanish!

 About Dino Lingo

Dino Lingo is onlt $99.95

                                            About Influenster

 Thank you Influenster and Dino Lingo 
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