Friday, July 27, 2012

July Birchbox ( Glamour ) Review!

This Month Birchbox  is the best one yet love everything in this box!!


blinc Mascara
This is the best mascara I have ever used. It does not clump when you apply it, and it stays on until you wash it off. I love it!

dirt. luxe salt scrub - lemon leaf
This smells SO good and leaves your skin really soft. It exfoliates, oils, and softens. I love it and will buy! i just wish the sample was bigger :)

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt - Lavender Pumpkin
his is really a love potion. I can't tell you how many people have noticed it on me and had to comment on it

stila in the light eyeshadow palette
This is the palette that I find myself reaching for each day (and believe me I own a lot of makeup!). It contains lovely neutrals for daytime as well as some beautiful shimmery shades if you're looking for a little pop. It's also easy to transition from day to night simply by adding one or more of the darker shades or wetting your brush and dipping into one of the shimmery shades. When I use an eye primer these shade last the entire day on my oily lids and they blend easily. I really want to buy it in the Birchbox website but there all gone !!

I feel guilty eating these they are so good! Moist, chewy and just sweet enough but not too sweet

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
Update August 19,2012 there not great they stop working after 1 weeks bla they where great when i got them :(
These are really awesome little headphones! They sound great, they are made of great materials, there are various earbud sizes, there are designated  which stay in the ear better than many other designs, and the cord is an extra-long variety

This is my third birchbox, and I really like this one!  
Did you get the same items??? If you don’t get a birchbox what do you think of the products this month?
And if you want to sign up here's the Link ♥Birchbox -

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