Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Summer Beauty Cravebox 2012

The Box Cost $12 want to sign up

You can enter two win !

Tree Hut- Shea Sugar Body Scrub , tropical Mango 
omg This smells soooo good !
This sugar scrub is great. Makes my skin feel so much smoother.
The texture is very grainy but not harsh on your skin (atleast not on mine). After my shower, my skin felt so soft and moisturized that I couldn't believe it. I am constantly touching my arms because they feel so nice! This smell absolutely amazing!!!


Puristics Totally Ageless intensive eye treatment

I gave this to my mom but i'll get back to tell you how it work's soon

Think Products ThinkThin Bar Brownie Crunch 

Not quit as good they where dry for me ! My son thought there where ok !

Bic Soleil Bella For Women

Smooth shave
Easy to use
Large handle to grip
It was ok  for me !

Garden Botanika Oatmeal & Peppermint Body Bar

I love the scent of oatmeal & Peppermint, and this soap has a wonderful, lightly sweet peppermint scent. The ingredients are all natural, no man-made chemicals, no animal testing, and organic too! I love the way my skin feels after wahing with this soap, squeaky-clean. I also love that it will not leave a nasty soap scum on my shower, bathtub or sink. 

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