Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birchbox October 2012


Box cost $10 and my Box total cost was $32.95 

This is my 6 birchbox, and i love that i got Essie and Kiehl's the rest off the stuff was ok didn't like the luna bar ;(
Did you get the same items??? If you don’t get a birchbox what do you think of the products this month?
And if you want to sign up here's the Link ♥Birchbox -


  1. I got that lip gloss in my Glymm bag (Canada) and my value was at 2.08$. It was good for a couple applications, so maybe a full day of using it but not more... Although if you open it up you should get another couple applications that you can't get to. I still haven't done this but I kept my little mini tube of the stuff to be able to scrape out the rest since I really did like it quite a bit.

    I did a small review of the product on my blog. If you wanna check it out you can use the search function to find it with a keyword like naked princess. If you're interested only of course! I found out that per ml it's more expensive than pretty much any high end brand at Sephora's and for that reason I'm not really interested in the gloss even if I really liked it.

    1. thanks ill check it out! and i love the smell it's pretty but it was so freaking small :(