Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box 2012

OMG i love everything in this box just one thing i don't like keep reading ! if you want to sign up for the next one in November
  here's the link http://www.sweetdelight.ca/

Love love this candle it smells so good will be buying !!!

looks so pretty in my finger love love it !!

Smells sooooo good love the handmade soap !!!!

I love this one it's very pretty !

I got to read more about this product it's pretty cool it"s a magic lipstick changes color ! Mood Lipstick!!!


  1. You got a very different box from mine! Probably half the items are different, in all the other boxes I saw maybe up to 5 items were different. It was cool to see your unboxing, thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome ! do you have pics off your items will love to see and what did you think off the items ?

  2. You can follow my profile to my blog! I don't have the candle and the Spritzy Fitzy string flower pictured on my blog but I got them and they were the same as your's. All other stuff is on there though the lighting was horrible!

    I'm crazy-loving the Simply Natural samples that I tried (rich cream and cleansing milk so far) and I don't see it in your picture but I thought everyone had gotten a Bee's Knees lip shimmer balm thing and I really love that too. Those are my top 2 at the moment but I only tried about 5 products.