Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hershey's Spreads review ( Crowdtap )

ok so i had to go to the store and buy some my local Albertsons they where not coming and i really wanted to try them and do my review :)

Wow! I am so glad that I finally got to try hersheys spreads ...it is honestly one of the best things that I have ever tasted. I love love love how Chocolatey it is without being overly chocolatey. I spread it on toast, bagels, muffins, pretzels, a huge variety of cookies and a whole lot more. My Daughter and son love it, and that's saying something because they are really picky eaters. So I guess it's safe to say that it is great for kids :) I use it as dip when I host parties. If you have never tried it then I must encourage you to do so. I promise you that you won't regret it. Who would've thought tat chocolate and would taste so good together? Whoever created this was a genius haha. I love the sweetness of it and I also love how it's not too many calories. That's very important for someone who's on a diet but still wants to indulge a bit. The price isn't bad either, since it's so rich and creamy you don't need a lot and it lasts a long time. 


-Addictive taste!
-Reasonable priced for the excitement it provides (even cheaper at Albertsons -around $3.42 for the jar u)!
-Doesn't require anything to go with it, other than a spoon (but try it with Madeleine cookies if you want a taste of heaven).

-Doesn't last long.
-It is hard to reach to the bottom of the jar with the spoon (need a wider but shorter jar).
-Shortens your life by manipulating your body mass index.

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