Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mary J Blige - The London Sessions album Review

”The London Sessions is, number one, the bravest thing, and number two, just so honest,” says Smith, who co-wrote lead single,“Therapy,” with Blige and Eg White (Adele, Florence + The Machines, James Blunt). Disclosure adds, “It’s the reason that people like Mary are so successful – they’re just not afraid to change what they do completely.”   This fearlessness propelled Blige to London’s thriving musical community, who embraced her fully and helped her create an album that displays the true evolution of an artist.

Mary J Blige‘s #TheLondonSessions will be available Dec 2 but you can pre-order now!  #O2O


Track Listing

1. Therapy 

2. DoubtLove this song )

3. Not Loving you  ( This song is just amazing and so powerful i just keep listen and listen to this song in love. This is what's missing nowadays. Music with ACTUAL meaning and all about that voice.

4. When You're Gonebeautiful song  ) 

5.  Right Now - has and awesome Beat

6. My Loving  -  This song is like more pop and dance and i love it awesome song to dance and moved to!

7. Long Hard Look

8. Whole dam year 

9. Nobody But you
10. Pick me up 
11. Follow
12. Worth my time

Mary J Blige is an artist who is not only an extraordinary singer but she also writes each and every one of her own songs, composes her music, produces her records, provides her own backing vocals and even takes part in directing her music videos. Unlike most "divas", The album sounds Awesome and well done. She knows how to capitalize on what's popular make it her Own that's why she will always be a legend to me. 
The London Sessions is one of the best albums in her career (followed by What's The 411?) so far. My favorite tracks are Long Hard Look, When You're GoneDoubt Not Loving youMy Loving . But I love every single track on this album. Worth my timeRight NowFollow,  Nobody But you, and Whole dam year Pick me up and Therapy are also good songs. If you haven't purchased this album yet, go and get it as soon as It come out because you don't know what you are missing. 
One of my other Mary J Blige  favorites is What's The 411?  R&B/Hip Hop. But All her albums are great 

Right Now

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