Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fabkids January Review love there clothe

Fab Soft Legging

               This Legging are "perfect for all styles" well all of them they have so many color i think i have all off them 


I love there clothe when i saw this on January when it came out this year i had to get it.  It's so stylish & cute! Good quality fabric! Love the zipper on the back, great detail!"pulse it's so soft 


I bought these for my Daughter and she absolutely loves them. She loves all there shoes and trust me if you know my minnie me, she is very very picky on everything and i forgot she told me there super duper comfortable for her. you can see she's been wearing this ones everyday at school and well she's well you know kids! i clean then daily 

Also i wanted to say this outfit can go with any shoes mix it up it's fun 

Fab Soft Legging

Heart Drop Waist Dress

LOVE. Everything about this dress it's just so cute. The material is quality and beautiful and soft. The cut and shape of dress is totally twirl worthy. 

So This 2 shoes are very very fashionable, There also super comfortable and i think they go with anything but the sad news is she wanted to wear them with this out fit and they don't fit her anymore they where size 10 she is size 12 now!  Time to order her size 12 but they are sold out of that number also when i get this shoes i will be buying yellow strings. I hope they will go back is stock i will leave the link down below 

This shoe's are just so freaking cute my Minnie me love's them and sorry there no longer on the site but they have more awesome cute shoe's

❤ Fab Kids ★

I'd like to invite you to join FabKids, a fashion club with endless outfit combinations for stylish girls and Boy's sizes 2-12. You should definitely check it out and if you sign up today, you can get 50% off your first outfit! just click on my link also u get Free shipping and free returns ❤

your first outfit will be $15 :) 
and also yes it's a Monthly membership
then after if you keep them and don't cancel you can get your next outfit for $29.95 and if you are not ready you can skip so they won't charge you but remember your kids outfit will be ready on 1st if you don't want to buy anything then skip by the 5th of every month! Remember not after the 5th!!!!! i do this and yes sometimes i skip! plus there is so much more i will leave the link go check them out 

♥ FabKids -

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