Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Birchbox ( Beauty School) Review!

This Month Birchbox  Not the best!!

I have try all off this products !!! in the last 2 days and the Razor and the Apothederm i been having for months now read on !

Apothederm - Stretch Mark Cream Full - Size, $89.95

I've had stretch marks for some time now and Ive tried a few other products. So far, I've had luck with this stuff. Been using it for about a month, off and on, and its keeping the color even. So the stretch marks don't stand out as much. Skeptical at first but I'm impressed with the results. and yes this stuff works !!!

Jouer - Moisturizing Lip Gloss Full - Size, $20
I would have to say it isnt that moisterizing however,  I didnt know it gave of color but it gives of a fair amount of pink. and its a really small SAMPLE!

Juicy Couture - Viva la Juicy La Fleur Full - Size, $70

Please note...I am a perfume junkie! The only fragrance I love more is Coach Poppy!. I sprayed a little Juicy Couture on when i got the Box and the smell just haunted me. No matter what I did that evening, I couldn't help noticing how wonderful this fragrance was. The next day, I went on a mission to get this perfume ASAP.  bottle was $79 in my Local Macy's yike's, I didn't buy it yet !. BEWARE...this scent drives men CRAZY!!

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Shampoo and lluminating Treatment - Full - size, $48

Love this Shampoo i wanted it bigger Sample but i guess this will do it had a Very nice rose scent. I guess i will be saving up for this one :)

Birchbox Finds Schick hydro Silk razor

I have been using the Venus ladies razor for several years and wanted to try something new. The Schick Hydro didn't disappoint. The blades are sharp and smooth so you get a close shave without cutting yourself. The handle fits my hand well and stays put even with the shower water pouring down on it. After using this for a couple weeks I tossed out the Venus and have switched to the Hydro.


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Birchbox is $10 a Month 

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