Monday, August 6, 2012

Target Mini Haul & Review August 5, 2012

My little trip to target and yes i love all this products i have bought them before the only thing new is Olay  Facial Hair removal Duo i wanted to try it out !

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo 1 Kit

I have used this ones... yes, it is best to put the protective cream on in a thin layer, slighlty beyond the area you are planning to defoliate. It is important to put the defoliant on in two layers to obtain a sufficiently thick cover, no gaps.

I was concerned that my skin would be irritated. There wasn't any reddening where I used both products but in one small place where I exceeded the protection from the cream, I had a small reddened area that took two days to fully clear & responded well to otc steroid cream.

Did it remove hair? You bet, but not coarse hair, which I didn't expect it to do but tried it there anyway.

My treated skin feels smoother than it has since childhood! Will continue to use this product; it is easier and more effective than NAIR and a few others that I have tried. so go try this love it !

Degree Girl Body Mist Fragrance, Twilight Kiss 3 oz ohh i love this body mist smells so good it smells sweet and fruity love it !

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, 25 Count

I am currently in love with these wipes wait i mean additic lol , both because they feel so refreshing and clean in the middle of a hot summer (they're great as a mid-day pick-me-up or after exercising) and because they do a great job of getting all my make up off. They don't have any particular scent, which I like, and I also appreciate that ingredients-wise they're more on the natural spectrum of things. Along with the eye roll on product, I've found a couple new items that I'll definitely be purchasing more of in the future.

Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes, Great Grape, 30-Count 

My Friend had this wipes so i had to go to target and get me some Thanks Erika! These wipes are great. They smell good and work well. I even use them on me when i get a cold now. or on anything i love they smell so good like Grapes 

Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Evening Soothe, 30-Count 

This is the 2 best product I've found of its kind.
My face feels fresh and clean when I am done.
It removes all of my make-up and does not leave a residue or make my face feel dry.
I usually rinse the wipe out with water when I am done and wash my face again to remove any soap left on my face. (The wipes are strong - they endure this)
Light, fresh, clean smell.
The best by far! yes this this can me addicting

Neutrogena Visibly Bright Facial Cleanser, 6.7 Ounce 

I LOVE this cleanser. It promises results in four days,  my sample lasted for 2 days i had to go to the store to get me some more. I'm slightly obsessed with brightening skin and eye products to make sure I don't look like a zombie. Within a couple of days of using this, I looked like I got ten hours of sleep instead of four. After purchasing the full-size product and using it for a couple of weeks, I look refreshed, I will absolutely keep buying this, and I hope Neutrogena comes out with an entire Visibly Bright line! 

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