Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvía Natural Sweetener Review

I almost forgot to add this picture i made this Halloween cookie's with Truvia i made alot there is so many left overs 

This is a sample Crowdtap sent me to share with family and friends and i did that is Halloween 

I drink a LOT of coffee A Lot no joke , and I use a lot of sugar in my coffee. I switched from sugar to Truvia over a year ago. 

I also stopped drinking soda and switched to the Sobe Lifewater 10 Cal and Vitamin Water ZERO. This coincidentally also use either Purvia, or Truvia. Both of these are just branded versions of the stevia extract.

The taste of Truvia is very close to sugar. There is a very very slight aftertaste. The significant difference I have noticed is I don't have the lingering sweetness in my mouth that makes me want another, often unnecessary, cup of coffee or can of soda. i should have done a review on this sooner  and also This is the only sweetner I have tried that doesn't upset my stomach. I used to not be able to have hot tea in the morning because I'm suppose to limit my sugar and other sweetners upset my stomach.  this is my review 

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