Sunday, April 6, 2014

Schick Hydro 5 Razor Sensitive Review

Generally I am super sensitive to shaving and have always been a Gillette guy. I usually get razor burn no matter what I do. I have tried the oils, the special creams, the gels, you name it. I was pretty satisfied with my Mach 3. Well this razor (Schick Hydro 5) is much better than anything I have ever used before. It puts my trusty Mach 3 to shame. I bought the Fusion and hated it. Now the the Hydro 5 is the king of razors in my opinion. The best parts are, the blades last longer and cost much less. I thought most razors these days were gimmicks. Well the Hydro 5 really made me a believer and now will only shave with this. Good-bye Gillette hello Schick. thanks Crowdtap and Schick

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