Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Coosh CBT791B Ultra-Slick Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Review ( in Love with My BluetoothSpeaker )


This little speaker has a rich deep sound. Coosh is second to none, and this speaker is no exception. Set up was easy, basically just plug it and let it charge first and then turn on the Bluetooth in your device and it automatically pairs. Works up to about 30 feet. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to Five to eight hours of playing time. You can recharge it in a wall outlet or with most USB power sources. I've tried several little portable bluetooth speakers and this one surpasses the others, This is a great little speaker. The size is perfect to carry around the house, take outside or stick in a bag if leaving the house. It puts out a lot of sound and the music sounds very crisp and clear.

Setting this up was super fast and easy. The computer, tablet and iPhones connected quickly.

One thing that this speaker has that some other bluetooth speakers are missing is volume control on the speaker. I didn't realize how much I missed this on our other speaker. That makes it easy to adjust the volume, very quickly.

Also, we can skip forward, pause or go backwards in the music line up, using the button on the speaker. Nice. That gives everyone easy control, even when it's not our own iPhone or tablet connected to the speaker. I've used the pause button several times, pausing the music when someone is asking a question or we need a moment of quiet. Then a simple push of the same button starts the music up again and the fun can continue. I love this thing it's my new baby! 

This will be Available on Amazon in January for $49.95 
yes i got this to test out and i have 3 other Bluetooth Speakers and this one sounds amazing !
My reviews are 100% completely my own based on my experience if I didn't like it i will tell you the truth 

Go check them out for more information 

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