Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mattress Protector Review

Mattress Protector - Finest Hypoallergenic Bed Protector - Clinically Proven Safe and 100% Water Proof Bed Protectors - Bedbug Bed Protector Come in Full,  Queen and King Sizes - 100% Money Back Guarantee! (Queen)

I have been nothing but impressed with this mattress cover. I ordered mine for allergy reasons after hearing that dust mites and other allergens in my mattress were likely contributors to my consistent nasal congestion. I tend to wake up stuffy every morning and was convinced it had something to do with diet ... until I received my mattress cover! I've noticed a dramatic reduction in my symptoms since the cover arrived, and now I'm wishing I had found it sooner. It keeps dust mites and bedbugs in without trapping heat, and it's so supple that I can't feel it when it's on the bed.
I should also mention that I'm the type of consumer who likes to put his products through their test, so of course I had to see if This claims that their cover was "waterproof" was accurate! I was pleasantly surprised as I watched the water droplets I plopped onto the bed bead up and roll right off. I've never conducted the "jump on the bed with a glass of red wine resting on it" experiment, but if I did I'm confident that this cover would keep my mattress dry and safe from stains. i just would love a toddler size one that would be awesome 
Overall I'm extremely pleased with this product. It shipped promptly after I ordered it and it delivers everything it promises -- and is comfortable to boot.

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