Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Infrared Knee Support Sleeve review

This product helps a lot with my left knee that keeps telling me to lay off walking. I am not intending to do that but I will be talking with my Doctor on my next visit to see if I should be concerned about checking it out further, i.e., x-ray, etc.  But this knee Support i  immediately noticed that it gave great support. I would wear it around the house and on walks or running and it really helped.  If you suffer from any leg pain I recommend using this product. It is affordable, and good quality, easy to use and I figured what do I have to lose. Try it! have to get  1 more pair by son love's them i saw him wearing them today when working out lol i was like let me take a picture lol 

  • FOR MUSCLE STIFFNESS And Sore Joints From Overworked Knees, Relief From Other Chronic Pain
  • MOISTURE WICKING Material Is Made With Semi-Precious Mineral Tourmaline Infused Fabric That Protects Knees, Keeping Them Dry And Comfortable Whether Your Wearing It All Day or All Night
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL Characteristic of Tourmaline Eliminates Odors Similar To Copper Infused Sleeves Using An Anti-Microbial Surface, Keeping Your Knee Fresh
  • LONG, SOFT, AND BREATHABLE Fabric Keeps Your Knee At A Comfortable Temperature All Day
  • FOR MEN AND WOMEN ONE SIZE FITS MOST KNEES From Small, Medium, To Large - Measure The Circumference Of Your Thigh 5 Inches Above Your Knee, If Its Between 15 - 25 Inches Then It Should Fit Perfect

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