Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ander Blake Acrylic Paint / Liquid Chalk Markers Review

Liquid Chalk Markers

The markers take very quick  to get started just shake and press down ... After much pressing the fluid reached the tip point and the result is lovely Fun and easy to use on my grocery list, as added throughout the month. So easy to read with the brilliant colors.  tip is about 3/4" long and the chalk is rather thick. However, because of that, they write beautifully on Chalkboards, Glass, Whiteboards, Mirrors, Windows and Virtually ALL Non-Porous Surfaces!  but remember just first Test Small Area First. I love the quality must get! must 

Acrylic Paint Set for Artists

These are wonderful paints. Thick, smooth and buttery they act like oils. The caps come off easily! The quality of Ander Blake acrylic paints is absolutely outstanding. Brilliant colors, easy blending, nice consistency. I would HIGHLY recommend Ander Blake to anyone. Yes i did get this for review for free but i didn't have to put it in my Blog but i wanted to this paint i really love i am one happy camper!


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