Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wonder con 2015 so much fun !!!

Wonder con was so much fun! i wish we would of gone all 3 days . But i was very late on buying tickets my fault! but theirs always next year . we where there on Sunday , she was super excited to go and buy some comic books and see people dress up ! 

look how amazing this is! his on my list 
akuma from street fighter

This was amazing i should of video tape this ! my daughter never got scare she knows theirs people inside all that make up . 

I love collection all amiibos this new one's come out on May 29, can't wait i have all off them pre-order. so if you guys are reading this does anyone one of you guys collect them or play we play with them the only one i haven't open is gold Mario 

This is my huband with dead pool love his costume ! 

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