Thursday, March 19, 2015

SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder By DAFQCO Review

I highly recommend this item. This is so Awesome must get love it 
This little gadget is probably the coolest thing I have ever purchased. In the past, I bought those plastic hook things to hang my phone in My Jeep. After replacing them for about the 4th time in a year, I decided to break from tradition. I saw this magnetic holder and thought it couldn't possibly be that simple.But it is. Stick one side to your dash and the other side to your phone and you're Done! It's great! And no more taking my eyes off the road to fumble my phone in and out of the clip. Now I just get into the neighborhood of the dash mounted part and my phone all but leaps from my hand to meet it. Hands free and eyes free. It doesn't get any better! Love this !!!!

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